Options Explained

The number and variety of options available can be overwhelming at first, here is an overview of the most important option and choices you have on you retractable awning. If you have any questions call us or send us an E-Mail: Contact Us


This will be the overall width of your awning, however, the fabric itself will be about 4 inches smaller than that.


Important: For technical design reasons, you can not choose a projection that is larger than the width of the Awning.

Note: The Awning will retract at an angle, so if you wish to cover you entire deck / patio, the projection should be longer than the depth of your deck. See measuring for details.

Frame Color

This is the color of your frame, arms, front bar, and all other aluminum components. At no additional charge, choose the color that best matches your wall, roof, or awning fabric. 

The Standard Model is available in two frame colors:



The Select Model is available in six frame colors:





Mounting Options

Wall Mount

Brackets can be installed right on the siding. Just make sure lag bolt go into your wall studs or header

Ceiling Mount

Brackets are mounted to the soffit or joists. Make sure they are strong enough to support the extended awning. If you have a soft soffit you may have to cut out the area where the brackets will be installed and use a spacer.

Roof Mount

Brackets are mounted to the roof rafters. The face of the roof bracket should be mounted 10" back from the gutter for a flush installation. This installation option is only available for asphalt shingle roofs.  A hood is recommended.  Motorized operation strongly recommended

Hood Cover

The hood cover protects your awning when retracted. It is best to add this option if you mount your retractable awning on the roof or if you do not have an overhang / soffit that protects your awnings, when retracted.

Beware: This is not a plastic hood! Our hood cover is made of extruded aluminum and will be powder coated in the same color as your Awning Frame.

Note: the Hood Cover will be 1 inch wider than the width of your awning.

Operator Types

Manual Operator:

  • A crank will be supplied, that can be detached from the awning.

Electric Operators:

Note: Depending our your local regulations, the electrical work may have to be performed be a licensed electrician. It will require 110V 60HZ. The motor is a tubular motor, located inside the axle.

  • Motor: The Motor will come with special Awning Control Switch and a wiring diagram.
  • Motor with Remote Control: The Motor will come with a special remote control and a wiring diagram.
  • Motor with Gear Override: This option is a combination of a Motor and a manual option. It is useful in places with frequent power outages.

Operator Types

Face your building from the outside. Now choose the side on which you wish to have the Operator exit. In case of "Manual Operator" this will be where you attach / detach your crank handle. For "Electric Operators" this will be the side where the wire exits from the awning.

Valance Style

The valance is the front 8" of fabric that hang down . This will be visible at all times, even when awning is retracted. Five shape patterns are available. (See selection below).